From the mind of Dr. Don

I love the following excerpt, for it can enhance the quality of any relationship:

From Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.

…the most important thing is to be aware that misunderstandings can arise, and with them tempers, when no one is crazy and no one is mean and no one is intentionally dishonest. We can learn to stop and remind ourselves that others may not mean what we heard them say.


These are a few excerpts of the Liturgy I have written. Even if you select another Officiant for your wedding, you are welcome to use them, although I would appreciate acknowledgement if you do…


Mothers plant so their children may harvest. Mothers cry when their children hurt. Mothers welcome pain and burden to give their sons and daughters the gift of life. [Bride] and [Groom] will now present their mothers with flowers, as symbols of eternal gratitude for their unconditional love, their unyielding strengths in times of hardship, and for all the selfless sacrifices they have made for their children.

We kindle this light in harmony with all that is good in life. Its dancing flame symbolizes the beauty and vitality of the love that has brought [Groom] and [Bride] here today and that will enrich and sustain their lives through the years ahead.


Dear Lord, help us to be aware of the blessings of our roots; the love of family and friends; and always Your Love enfolding and embracing all. May our lives be worthy in Your sight and may our hearts always rest in a love so deep that it bridges the difficulties of life and helps us appreciate the beauty and goodness that our world also offers. AMEN.


Love empowers us to reach such lofty heights, we might be tempted to see it as a mighty fortress. But remember always its quiet softness needing your constant nurture. Never forget to make the effort to keep it strong, whether it be with flowers – a gentle backrub – an attentive, listening ear. Never take your Love for granted – always work to keep it shining. 

[Groom] and [Bride], Jesus taught us that love was the greatest commandment. He did not mean simply to delight in love when we happened to stumble upon it in our often blind journey through life. He meant to cherish that love. To open our eyes and deliberately make the nourishment of love our life’s passion and commitment. To make life larger than we find it; to make the grand effort to foster the growth and happiness of our mate and our children. And to be active participants in creating peace and harmony in our community and our world.

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