From the mind of Dr. Don

I love the following excerpt, for it can enhance the quality of any relationship:

From Deborah Tannen, Ph.D.

…the most important thing is to be aware that misunderstandings can arise, and with them tempers, when no one is crazy and no one is mean and no one is intentionally dishonest. We can learn to stop and remind ourselves that others may not mean what we heard them say.

About Me

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My background
I received my Doctor of Ministry at Meadville Theological School.  Affiliated with the University of Chicago Divinity School  I loved psychology and my internships at churches, because I always wanted to understand people better and how to enhance their lives.
I loved my student ministries at regional churches, such as this Frank Lloyd Wright church in Oak Park, IL.  Gerry Krick was minister there, and my mentor.  I was fortunate to resume my relationship with him decades later in West Newton.  (I grew up in and had returned to Waltham.)
 American Fellowship Church Logo Since seminary, most of my career was in human services (with a good dose of sales and management), resuming my ministry through weddings around 1990.  In 2002 I was ordained by the American Fellowship Church.
My Philosophy for Wedding Ceremonies
As an ordained, non-denominational minister, I specialize in providing couples with warm, dignified weddings. Much of the material I offer is personally written and is thus unique. Selected excerpts are included in a book of Ceremonies, Weddings, Funerals, and Rites of Passage. Please visit the Excerpts page to read some samples.
I seek to bring the highest quality I can to your wedding. I provide you with material to help get you started (fully customized if desired), but you are free to add other passages that are special to you. You determine the content of your ceremony based upon what is meaningful and inspirational to you.

Privacy Policy: Your information will not be sold or distributed to others.